What's an Akedis anyway?

Our Story

In Afrikaans, the word “Akedis” means lizard. Technically it’s spelled with two “k”s, but we changed it up a little when we adopted it as the name of our company. We chose a word that means lizard because it was this common reptile that turned a dicey chance encounter into a life-long friendship. One that, years later, would result in an exciting business partnership.

Joe Patino and Adam Geerts were not friends from the start. In fact, when Joe and his twin brother moved from Wisconsin to Texas at ten years old and ran into Adam at the neighborhood pool, let’s just say things got off on the wrong foot. A heated exchange was headed downhill fast, and Adam quickly realized he was outmatched by the twins. Scrambling for an out, Adam remembered the small garden reptile he had caught the day before and promised to put it on display for the Wisconsin transplants. The distraction worked. Fortunately for Adam, Joe and his brother had never seen a lizard before. A kid that could catch a lizard and then leverage that catch to get out of a fight would surely make a better friend than an enemy. A loyal friendship was formed that day that has lasted over 30 years.

It’s on the principles of loyalty and friendship that Joe and Adam founded Akedis, and those principles guide them in their relationships with both their clients and the candidates they represent.



Joe Patino - Managing Partner


Joe Patino is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Akedis. His career path was an unorthodox one to say the least. Prior to entering the staffing industry, Joe was the guitarist for Spindletop Recording Artists, Twenty Mondays.

After a short-lived career in music, he was introduced to his first staffing job with a small Houston firm in 1998. He has held leadership positions for national and international staffing companies over the past twenty years. Joe holds a CCWP (Certified Contingent Workforce Professional) certification from Staffing Industry Analysts. He remains active in both business development and recruiting top talent in a variety of fields.


Born in Racine, Wisconsin He has a twin brother and an older brother and sister. Married since 1997, has 3 children and two dogs

Fun Facts:

He recorded 6 songs with Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and opened for several touring bands in the 90’s: The Smithereens, The Ocean Blue, The La’s, The Fixx, The Arc Angels, and Salt-N-Pepa to name a few.
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Adam Geerts - Managing Partner


Adam is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Akedis. He began his career in the graphic communications industry with Consolidated Graphics in Houston, Texas. He started in their Leadership Development Program and over the years has held positions of greater responsibility from estimating to sales and management to executive leadership. Adam has served as President of multiple companies including Wentworth Printing in Columbia, SC., PBM Graphics in Durham, North Carolina and IntegraColor in Dallas, Texas. Adam has a passion for building healthy and effective company cultures that are focused on outperforming expectations. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a BBA in Accounting.


Adam has been married since 1997 and has 4 children. Today, Adam enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and being outdoors.

Fun Facts:

Adam can juggle an axe, torch and egg (all at the same time) and was known in his early years as an avid break dancer. Adam says both are like riding a bike… you never forget.
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